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So, I originally intended to do one post featuring Hallowe’en themed goodies from my fellow handcrafted entrepreneurs, but that somehow became two, and now three! 

This is absolutely, definitely, without question, the last in this series…well, for this year anyway! Can’t promise I won’t repeat the process next year, because it has been quite popular. Apparently people love Hallowe’en:)

Witches In The Woods Cold Process Soap from PumpleDaisy Soap Factory 

An earthy scent, and witches’ accessories; you can almost hear the “Double, double, toil and trouble” drifting out of the woods…

 Hallowe’en Collection Nail Polishes from Turtle Tootsies

Colours to coordinate with any costume you can dream up!

 Witch’s Brew Soy Candle from Candle Moments

Pretty sure no witch’s brew smells as good as these candles!

Apple Jack Cold Process Soap from After the Rayne

If you like to celebrate Hallowe’en, but aren’t into spooky, ghoulish decor, why not add a touch of Halloween colours instead?

Hallowe’en Limited Edition Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap from L’Aura Botanicals

The fun, whimsical side of Hallowe’en! Perfect for your guest bathroom…

 Psycho Hallowe’en Bleeding Cold Process Soap from Three Changos

Channel your inner Norman Bates with this creepy selection!

Creeping Horror Glycerin Soap from Paintbox Soapworks 

Don’t warn your guests about this one, and wait to hear the reactions…

Comments on: "Hallowe’en RoundUp Part Three!" (2)

  1. Very creative group of artisans!

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Thoughts from The Queen Bee


Thoughts from The Queen Bee

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