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 I’ve always enjoyed Hallowe’en, but growing up in rural Northern Ontario where houses can be miles apart, trick or treating was not a big part of my life. 

When I moved to Toronto, I lived in apartments where I never really thought about giving out candy. Then I started to help my friend decorate her house for Hallowe’en, and the rest is history. We did it for several years, and by the time we stopped, it was a major production that involved prepping for at least two weekends in advance, and took us most of the afternoon to set up. 

We dressed as witches, and delighted in the wide eyed wonder of the littlest ones, and successfully getting a rise out of the “too cool to be scared” preteens with black spider webs, artfully hidden!

My friend’s large Victorian house has been sold now, and it has been several years since we “did” Hallowe’en, but I have a feeling that one of these years I will be dusting off my witch’s hat and giving it another go.

In the meantime, I delight in all things Hallowe’en on the web, and wanted to share some that I’ve found this year.

Black Lipstick from Kiss Freely  

No Hallowe’en is complete without the perfect black lipstick, and this creamy delight is vegan and paraben free.

unDead Sea Mud Cold Process Soap from Emerson Handcrafted Natural Soaps

It might not keep the unDead away, but you’ll smell great while trying to avoid them!  

Evil Eye Cold Process Soap from Daily Repose Handcrafted Soap

Not sure if this one is supposed to ward off the Evil Eye or inflict it, but it’s downright creepy!

What A Tangled Web Cold Process Soap from Honest Roots Farm

This fun and yummy scented soap is the perfect touch for your guest bath during your Hallowe’en party!

Rat Tail Cold Process Soap from Sun Basil Garden Soaps

Okay, I am totally creeped out by rats and refuse to accept that they live in our cities, but this is just too well executed to ignore.

Graveyard Cold Process Soap by Hell Flower Soap Co.

Always a good idea to stay out of graveyards on Hallowe’en lest you run into one of these creepy critters!

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Thoughts from The Queen Bee


Thoughts from The Queen Bee

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